Travel to Paris on a budget and places of interest
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Everyone should visit France, at least once in a lifetime. There’s so much for one to do in the country that is known for Fashion and wine, among other things. Anyone that has visited the country cannot stop singing praises about it. One thing to remember however is that life in France, in general, is more expensive than most other countries around.

So, what to do if you want to explore Paris and do not have enough money to spend while being there? Some pointers on how to make it there on a shoestring budget:

  • Get your train tickets about three months ahead. This way you get to enjoy a 50% discount on train travel. Opt to go around in a train as it is cheaper across the country. You can also save on travel cost by hitchhiking as it is quite safe there, or using shared cars from one place to another.
  • Hotels in Paris are rather expensive. To save on accommodation, you can use youth hostels if under 26. Short term rentals are the other option and include studios where you get to make your meals as well. Otherwise, take overnight trains that are slow speed, to cut back on having to pay for a room overnight. You can also source for free accommodation by speaking to some hosts.
  • A taste of French cuisine is a must for anyone travelling there. Eat at French bakeries where you also get served coffee. There are plenty of snacks for you to choose from there. Go for fixed price meals served at daytime and in the evenings. Another good idea would be to head to the local campus to eat a meal there. For some little cash, you get to have a full course meal at any of them. You can walk into a supermarket and buy foodstuff to eat at a picnic, out in the park. Saves a significant amount and you will be able to enjoy a great meal.

Go by the Eiffel tower the landmark tower, see the Notre Dame Gothic church and tour the French Riviera. Do not miss out a visit to the well-known wine industries in the outskirts of Paris. You will not be short of something interesting as you go through various cities across the country.

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