Intriguing things about the country Netherlands

Aside from what the country is known for such as cheese, bicycles, and others some facts about Amsterdam remain unknown to many. Hopefully, this will open your eyes to a lot about the capital city of Netherlands.

Most of Amsterdam is exclusively built on water. You might notice this from the way buildings are a bit crooked reason being that the soil beneath is so swampy. Buildings in the city are built on long poles dug deep in the ground to stop them from plummeting down underwater.

An ordinary house in Amsterdam is on 5 and ten support poles. Some of the large ones must have many poles to them.

Did you know that Amsterdam is home to a huge number of populations from all cities the world over? In there you get to ride on a Dutch bicycle headed for a meal of Indian curry, to be served at the gas station by a Turkish man.

Dutch people are known to be tall. Men go up to 184 cm while women 170cm. From these figures, you will be able to tell if the person close to you is Dutch.

Amsterdam is probably the bicycle friendly city the world has seen. With over 60% of trips made by bicycle within the city, it’s quite a sight to behold. Nevertheless, it is healthy and fun riding in the city. Well over a million bicycles can be found in the city.

Smoking tobacco in eateries was barred in the city in 2008. But guess what! You can have your puff of weed there. Should you get caught smoking a cigarette, it is a different story altogether.  Another shocker is that Amsterdam city was premier to allow gay marriage and lesbian couples on the globe.

Gin was first made in Netherlands with the name Jenever pronounced yeh-Nay-ver. It took place in the 16th century for use as a medicine, a fact that has since been revolutionized. The drink is mainly taken for recreation across the city.

The city is one of the safest in the world. Even though weed and prostitution go on unabated, there is control of crime across the city. Among the other main cities in Europe, Amsterdam rates way below in crime. You will feel secure being at the place as it is quite welcoming to all. No wonder those who have been there long to go back again, soon after.

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