There’s a lot to attract anyone to visit Latvia as a tourist destination. Old-fashioned castles, beaches, and virgin forests are some of what you get to sample on a visit to the place. Many visitors find themselves heading to the country with a capital that is a hotspot for tourists. So then, just what is it that has people flocking to the country?

  • Once under the leadership of the Soviet Union, Latvia has since become independent and also joined EU. This has seen growth in the economy of the country although few challenges prevail.
  • Latvia gained independence from the Soviet Union in 1991 having been ruled the Nazi as well. This is similar to the fate of other Baltic countries in the region.
  • Way back it was known as Lettland with the people living there known as Letts.
  • From way back in 12th century, the capital known as Riga was in existence and trading too.
  • Riga has a reputation of some of the most historic architecture anywhere. Since way back in the 1800s the buildings were built making it recognized as a heritage architecture site.
  • Among the oldest flags in the world is the Latvian flag that goes back to the 13th Its history goes back to the time a chief of Latvia got injured in battle and was then wrapped in a white sheet. The blood stains on the side of it while the center remained white was then used as a battle flag.
  • There are established ties in ethnicity as well as linguistics of the country to Lithuania.
  • There are celebrations in celebration of the Latvian language.
  • Even after getting Christian influence from Germans the country marks pagan traditions every now and then. This is much like in olden days
  • Many of the countries citizens come from the Soviet contributing to the multicultural nature of Latvia.
  • Gaizinkalns known as the tallest point in Latvia goes up to 312m. This comes close to Suur Munamagi in Estonia rising up to 318m making it the highest in the Baltic region.
  • With most of the country uninhabited, forests exist and take up 44% of the land. It has one of the lowest populations in Europe.
  • Jacob Davis of Latvia is the brains behind the brand name Levi Strauss that is well known for making jeans.

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