All IFs & BUTs about Germany Job Seeker Visa

Germany issues a 6 months job seeker visa allowing you to look for a job in the country. The visa is a job seeker i.e. you can only search jobs within the permitted duration. You get a visa, go to Germany, search jobs, give interviews and join an employer; it’s that easy. So what is so complicated about it? Well only some regular scenarios which can confuse anyone. So let’s try to connect IFs and BUTs of Germany Job Seeker Visa.

  • IF you are not able to get a job offer within 6 months, you need to come back to your home country. You cannot extend the visa. BUT you can file a fresh application once you are back to your country.
  • IF you are on Germany job seeker visa, you can visit other Schengen areas BUT you cannot take up any employment or other activities.
  • IF you migrate to Germany on job seeker visa you can invite your dependents BUT only once you have got a job offer and are on now residence permit in Germany.
  • IF you are in Germany on a job seeker visa, you can apply for permanent residence of the country BUT only after 5 years of continuous stay.
  • IF your job seeker visa application is rejected and you are unhappy with the decision, you can file an appeal BUT only within 30 days of receiving the decision.

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