A run through of what Ireland holds for the person visiting the country

Did you know Halloween came into being from the Samhain festival in Ireland? The country undiscovered history, spanning many years back. Some mentions about what it holds for any curious person visiting the place. The country has a background of some of the greatest events in the world.

  • Ireland has a place with one of the longest names-Muckanaghederdauhaulia
  • There’s a tradition in Ireland whereby a child has held upside down to have his head bumped on the floor on his birthday. Depending on the age of the child the bumps are given and are a way to bring good luck.
  • The maiden ship that sunk known as Titanic was made in Ireland
  • White house was designed by an Irish man known as James Hoban
  • The country has its own Olympics from way back in Bronze Age and it is known as Tailteann Games.
  • From way back in 1745 there exists the longest maternity hospital in operation, known as Rotunda Hospital in Dublin
  • Sean’s Bar, the oldest pub in Ireland has been in operation over 900 years now.
  • There are various puddings for which the country is known. One is Drisheem pudding that is made from the blood of sheep, pigs, and cows. Another known as white pudding is a mixture of cereal, bread, fat, pork, and suet. Then there are sea snails cooked in salt water known as Periwinkles.
  • Several symbols have a background in Ireland. The Shamrock, Irish wolfhound, and the Celtic cross are part of those the country is well known for.
  • Among other EU countries, Ireland is the only country that still allows abortion
  • Ireland has a number of castles littered around the place. On a visit to the country, be sure to spend a night at one of them for a feel of the place. If it is a luxury you want then Ashfeord Castle is the place for you. Otherwise, you might want to experience a heart-racing night, spent at the most haunted places in Ireland – Castlefreak.
  • There is a magic road in Ireland where driving downhill, after turning off the car and with the handbrake off you will be treated to a rare scene when the car goes back uphill. In actual fact, this is an illusion that is also interesting to watch. It is one of the many strange sites spread all over the country.

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